Pharmaceutical Packaging & Design

Pharmaceutical packaging in today’s increasingly competitive environment is subject to highly stringent regulations. At Toronto-based Goldrich Printpak we understand that balancing the need for shelf presence with the necessary consumer information and safety is an ongoing challenge, a task that we welcome time & time again.

Pharmaceutical Packaging & Design

Canadian owned and operated with over 50 years of experience we approach each new project as a unique challenge. With many OTC products, pharmaceutical packaging is the only interaction between the brand and the consumer, demanding highly focused and effective messaging in an extremely small creative space. Innovation and inventiveness in design and labelling is critical to accommodating both your brand and necessary consumer information.

At Goldrich Printpak we provide comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging service and design that range across a variety of custom packages including:

  • blister packaging
  • vacuum-formed trays
  • clamshell packaging
  • skin packaging
  • inserts
  • skin boards

To speak with a Goldrich Printpak representative about your cosmetic packaging needs, call 1-855-897-4975 or fill out the online form. (Please note, our minimum order volume is 10,000).